Using the Firebox Arm/Disarm LED under Linux

Quick script for controlling the arm/disarm LED, created from the info here. I took a quick stab at trying to make WGXepc run on Linux but didn’t have any luck, so I just created this instead.


lport='dd of=/dev/port seek=1167 bs=1'
fport='dd of=/dev/port seek=1179 bs=1'


case $1 in
 printf $red | $lport 2>/dev/null
 printf $green | $lport 2>/dev/null
 printf $off | $lport 2>/dev/null
 printf $steady | $fport 2>/dev/null
 printf $flash | $fport 2>/dev/null
 echo 'Usage: wgled (red|green|off|steady|flash)'

Unfortunately since it’s just a single bidirectional LED, there’s no way to get the green and red on at the same time.

These addresses and values are for the X-Core-e boxes. For other boxes, look in the WGXepc source (available here) to find values and addresses. The value that you printf is the value you want to write, while the seek value for dd is the address, converted to decimal.

Still not sure how to control the disk or expansion LED.

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