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Goodisory SR01: Almost-Perfect Router Case

Saturday, February 12th, 2022

Back with another niche case. This time, the Goodisory SR01, which I think is almost a perfect case for a high powered router. The use case I’m covering looks something like this:

  • Mini-ITX board
  • A small amount of active cooling needed (e.g. 25-50W SoC range), but the CPU socket doesn’t support mounting a fan.
  • Effectively silent (i.e. shouldn’t be able to hear it at 6ft+)
  • External PSU (PicoPSU or motherboard with support for DC-in)
  • PCIe slot (ideally 2+ for motherboards with bifurcation support, but 1 is fine)
  • No drive bay needed (it will use M.2 or other onboard storage)

Does such a case exist? Read on and find out. Short version since I hate cliffhanger clickbait: it almost does.