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Mox Part 2

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

After having my Mox for over a month now, I’ve made a few changes, and have a few more complaints.

I ended up salvaging an internal antenna from another device, and using the original WLE900VX card instead of the SDIO WiFi for 2.4GHz. It only has two antennas for the time being, but that’s still no worse than SDIO card (and, you know, it doesn’t have bug-riddled firmware).

I’ve also slowed down the fan a little bit more, so that the card still stays under 70C under most ambient temperatures. It is a tiny bit hotter with the extra card running in it.

So, what are the problems?

The first is a bit of instability. There is a known issue with soft rebooting some Moxes, and mine seems to be one of them. However, since the Mox has the same auto-updates as the Omnia (including kernel updates, which require a reboot), it’s hard to tell what really happened when you come home and the Mox is unresponsive.

The main problem I have is the case design. It certainly looks fine, but there are some functional issues I have with it:

  • Thermal management, or utter lack thereof
  • Have to disassemble large parts of the case to access one module
  • Limited places to put antennas, and high risk of accidentally pulling a cable

Read on for the details.