Python IRC Bot in the Works

*** Update ***: Main page for bot here

I am currently writing a small, fast, small-footprint IRC bot in Python. More details as I finish the bot. The functions created so far:

  • Help (Displays Help)
  • Echo (Echo back a message)
  • Say (Send a message to a channel)
  • Spam (Send a message to a channel a specified amount of times)
  • Join (Join a channel)
  • Part (Part a channel)
  • Authorization (username+password)
  • Deauthorization
  • User lookup
  • Raw (Use raw IRC commands)
  • Uptime (Display uptime)
  • Math (Do math functions with Yacas)

Planned functions:

  • Encrypted passwords
  • Data storage, either in a text file or a MySQL DB
  • Channel mode control

This bot is not meant to be a complex bot, it is intended to be a fast, light bot that can be easily reprogrammed.

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2 Responses to “Python IRC Bot in the Works”

  1. killerkan Says:

    When do you think this will be done?

  2. Matt Ventura Says:

    No idea. There is a working version at irc:// that you can check out. Try ‘MVpybot: help’ for some help. Also, if you want to look at the code, you can look at or download it at Configure on and put users in ‘users’ and then run ./

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