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Going for 100 and 100,000

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

The server is currently at 85 days, 10mins of uptime as of this post. I am going for 100. Hopefully, there will not be a >1hour power failure, or a software crash (there never has been). I will be going for 200 days of uptime after this. I’d also like to thank the Debian team for a rock-solid OS.

Update: A live tracker is up:

Also, has a folding@home team (team 161515). The team will hit 100,000 points in a few days. I hope to pick up a few members to speed up the team. The team, in it’s current state, will hit 1,000,000 points in about six months. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. If you contribute, I will give you a link back to your site on a page on this site that will list all the contributors to the team (currently only me).