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Server Upgrades

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

The server, over the past two weeks or so, has gone through some upgrades. First of all, it now has a third hard drive in its RAID 1 array. Secondly, it now has a third ethernet card, an Intel Pro/1000. This card is connected directly to the NAS used for backups and it is a Gigabit card while the other two cards are only 100mbit cards, so backups should be much faster. Third, it has been upgraded from SDRAM DDR 333 non-ECC RAM to SDRAM DDR 400 ECC. This should provide for extra speed and reliability. Lastly, the server now has backup power. It is powered by a 2U APC Smart-UPS, which is 1400VA/1050W. It also powers some network equipment, including a switch, a router, and a NAS.

The next upgrades are increasing the capacity of the RAM, getting another Gig-e NIC, getting some SATA drives, and a new PSU (I really don’t think 290W is going to cut it after many more upgrades).