IE sucks

Read more for suckiness.

Please don’t use IE.

4 Responses to “IE sucks”

  1. Darren VanBuren Says: also looks like shit in IE6. I can’t fix the problems, the cause is IE6 doesn’t support transparency in PNGs. All the people still using IE6 are fucking assholes who need swift kicks in their asses.

  2. Dima Gedevanishvili Says:

    Isn’t that IE6…? Seems possibly innacurate if you’re using an older version of IE… But still, IE DOES suck really bad, regardless of version. Go Firefox/Safari/Opera!

  3. Matt Ventura Says:

    Yep, it’s IE6. Haven’t bothered to upgrade. It doesn’t work in IE7 either, probably not IE8 due to the use of border radius. Currently only works in Firefox and Safari. Can’t get it working in Opera.

  4. Deathgleaner Says:

    Everyone knows IE6 sucks, except my dad. He’s an IE aficionado and says every OTHER browser is a virus(except IE7). He’s unsure about IE8

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