Making a laptop/iPhone stylus

I made a stylus that works on laptops and an iPhone for less than a dollar and a watch battery. Read for instructions.

Required materials:

  • Tape
  • A small watch battery (LR41 is what I used)
  • A pen (a pencil can be used but is not recommended)

“Optional” materials (may not work on your touchpad without these)

  • Wire
  • Wire strippers


1. Put tape around the end of the pen, leaving approximately 3-4mm on the end. More than 4mm is okay, as you can cut it later.

2. Cut a piece of wire so that it is about 6 inches/15cm long. Strip About .8 inches/1.5cm off one end and about 1.5 inches/3cm off the other.

3. Insert the battery into the tape at the end of the pen, but do not push it in all the way. Leave about 1mm of space.

4. Insert the end of the wire with less insulation stripped of into the gap between the battery and the pen by piercing the tape with it.

5. Cut off the excess wire.

6. Bend the wire down and tape it in place.

7. Bend the other end of the wire around. (Note: The picture shown is of my pen, which I use in my left hand. If you’re right-handed, you’ll probably want to bend it the other way.)

8. Tape the loop down on both ends

Using the stylus:

Place your thumb on the exposed part of the wire and use like a normal stylus as shown:


Laptop and iphone

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6 Responses to “Making a laptop/iPhone stylus”

  1. Darren VanBuren Says:

    I will steal that pen again.

  2. G. Liu Says:

    I scanned over it, and that’s a pretty ingenious idea. Can I publish it on a wiki (

    And Darren, don’t steal that pen like you stole mine.

  3. Matt Ventura Says:

    Lol, throwing around accusations, are we? Anyway, be sure to leave proper attribution. Also the battery is not required (a plain metal surface will do), but I found it to be better than a plain metal surface.

  4. Matt Ventura Says:

    Also, I’d like to point out to everybody that something is messed up with the server and the time jumps around, and so comments may appear to have been posted in the future.

  5. Dima110 Says:

    Thanks! I have been looking everywhere for an iPhone stylus! This will come in handy if and when I make one =)

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